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Puppies Available



My sweet Parti-On Kalani, aka, Kylie  
Honeymooned with BOND 007, aka Bon on June 14th-16th.
We are expecting Parti puppies (2 colors) and are very excited about
the paring of these two wonderful dogs.  Thanks to Dixie Springer of Springville Labradoodles for allowing us to use this awesome boy!

About the Sire

Bond 007, aka, Bon, is a very handsome boy!  He lives with a great Guardian Family with 3 wonderful children that love and adore him.  He has gotten top scores on all his health testing and has a cery soft-non-shedding wavy fleece coat.  His Red and White Parti Coloring is not only Rare but also Stunning!  This sweet boy also has a very gentle and locving disposition.  We are thrilled about the color possibilities of these puppies and expect that they will be a variety of Parti colors.
About the Dam

Parti-On Kalani, aka, Kylie, was born with a Chocolate Curly Fleece Coat that has turned to a very unique and rare Parchment color.  She is a Miniature at about 23-25 pounds.  She was given the top "Breeding Quality" score from Pat Hastings of Dog Folk for Temperament and Structure and has passed all her health testing with top scores including an Excellent from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) on Hips and Elbows.  She is a fun loving little girl with a gentle and joyful temperament. Although Kylie's coat is a solid color, she carries for Parti for all colors and her prior puppies have beautiful fleece coats!
Springville's Walkin' On Air Leo & Priceless Jewel, Jules

Blue Star's Priceless Jewel, aka, Jules and
Springville's Walkin' On Air, aka, Leo
have Honeymooned!  
An Ultrasound will be done to confirm puppies on July 3rd.

I'm excited to share about these 2 exceptional Australian Labradoodles!  Thank you, Christy Westover of Daisy Hill Labradoodles, for allowing me to use this sweet boy with my precious Jules!  Both Leo and Jules have incredibly soft wavy fleece coats and wonderful gentle "therapy dog" type of temperaments.  Although Jules is a solid Iced Caramel color, she carries Parti and all colors so her puppies can be Apricot, Red, Chocolate, Cream, Iced Caramel or Black.  Since Leo is a gorgeous deep Red and also carries for Chocolate, it's very possible we'll have
Apricot, Iced Caramel, Red, Chocolate and maybe Cream.  
Leo and Jules are about the same size so puppies will probably be around 25-35 pounds as adults.  I'm
expecting puppies will be born in early August and ready for their new families around October 8th.

About the Sire

Leo is a Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle and comes from a long line of exceptional Australian Labradoodles. I am so thankful to Christy Westover of Daisy Hill Labradoodles, who owns this precious boy, to allow me to use him with my Priceless Jewel, aka, Jules.  Leo has great health scores including PawPrint Genetics Disease Panel Testing indicating that he is CLEAR and does not carry the gene for any of the diseases tested.  Leo has a gorgeous deep red fleece coat, great structure and was evaluated by Pat Hastings of Dog Folk for Temperament and Structure and got top scores.  He is a gentle boy, incredibly sweet natured and Christy says he's the most laid-back doggie currently in her program.   And, what a stunning boy he is!!!!
About the Dam

Oh my goodness, how can I share with you how incredible my precious Jules is?!  She is a Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle from the old Australian lines and has the incredible traits the Australian Labradoodle is prized for.  

Jules' Mother is Ellie and they both are gentle souls with such a joyful nature.  She has a wonderful gentle "therapy dog" type of temperament and is strong, smart, loving and a wonderful companion!  Jules' Iced Caramel coat is a little difficult to describe as it's quite unique.  It's not Cream, not White and not Apricot.  It's like you took a Cream color and dropped a tiny bit of Chocolate into the Cream.  Jules got top "Breeding Quality" scores from Pat Hastings of Dog Folk when tested for Temperament & Structure.  She has top health scores including Excellent on Hips & Elbows with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and and does not carry any of the genes for diseases tested on the Paw Print Genetics Testing.  She's a lovely little girl and such a joy to have.  Temperament is genetic...so it's inherited and I'm confident that these puppies will have wonderful, gentle temperaments and a number of them will be great "therapy dog" candidates.  


How exciting to have the opportunity to pair
these two incredible little Miniatures.  Thank you so much, Heather of Hale's Labradoodles for sharing your incredible Skeeter with us.  We are so looking forward to the puppies from Jalee and Skeeter.  We think puppies will arrive around end of August and they will be ready to join their forever families end of October.


About the Sire
Skeeter is an absolute dream come true!  He has an amazing fun loving personality and loves to cuddle!  He has a gorgeous wavy fleece coat, rich dark nose, human-like soulful green eyes, a very gentle nature and has exceptional health scores!  Skeeter is 23 pounds and has a solid Iced Caramel coat but carries for Parti (2 colors) so we expect Parti puppies.  
About the Dam

Jalee is a beautiful little Parti Miniature at just under 17 pounds.  She is a petite package with a dynamic personality and has a luxuriously soft and shiny Black & White wavy fleece coat.  This sweet girl is an incredibly bright little charmer who has stolen our hearts!  She is agile, jumps through hoops on command, full of life and love and is a real cuddlier.  She loves anyone that gives her lovies.  Jalee also has exceptional health scores including an Excellent on her Hips and Elbows from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)!  She is a Parti girl (2 Colors) and carries for all colors so we could have a variety of Parti colored puppies. 


Blue Star's Layla will Honeymoon
with Moon's Jack, aka Captain Jack in August.  

Parti Puppies are expected in October and ready for their new Families before Christmas.  Many thanks to Heather Hale of Hale's Labradoodles for sharing this stunning boy with us.  Both Layla and Captain Jack have wonderful gentle temperaments
and lovely soft wavy fleece coats.  
I am very excited about this litter and the color possibilities!

About the Sire

Captain Jack is a happy go lucky boy that loves to play.  He has a BIG personality packed into his 23 pound Miniature self.  Captain has an outstanding luscious wavy fleece Chocolate coat, great conformation and excellent health testing!  Although he's Chocolate with a little White on his chest, he carries for the Parti gene (2 Colors) and the
Phantom gene (3 colors) so there will be lots of color possibilities
with this litter of puppies!  

About the Dam

Layla is a lovely little Miniature girl at 24 pounds with an equally lovely temperament and personality.  She has a very soft wavy fleece Apricot & White Parti coat.  Layla is very loving, is such a gentle soul and also has top health scores. She carries for a variety of colors including Chocolate, Red, Apricot, Caramel, Iced Caramel and Cream.  Layla lives with her Guardian Family and three children who adore her! 

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