Australian Labradoodle Grooming from Head to Tail

Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Washington

Along with their loving personalities and friendly demeanor, Australian Labradoodles are often sought-after for their adorable appearance. More specifically, they are admired for their soft, fleece coats, which come in beautiful colors, textured waves or curls, and are low-shedding and hypoallergenic.

When you have an Australian Labradoodle of your own, part of caring for them includes grooming their coat to keep it healthy. To help you keep your pooch looking and feeling their best, we’ve put together a grooming guide to get you started!

Grooming the Head

To achieve and maintain the Australian Labradoodle’s unique teddy bear look, snip the inside corners of their eyes using rounded-tip scissors. Comb the hair above on their head forward, and cut a wide inverted V in between the eyes. Use thinning scissors to blend.

The top of your dog’s head should be trimmed with scissors to be round and floppy, rounding off at the ears. Trim around their muzzle as well using vertical lines only, creating a rounded shape. Don’t forget to trim their inner ear hair regularly too. This hair doesn’t shed on its own and can lead to ear infections if not plucked regularly.

Grooming the Body

On average, you should be brushing your Australian Labradoodle’s entire body for about 30 minutes to one hour per week. Use a slicker brush, starting at the bottom of the legs and working your way up to the head. After brushing, use a steel comb to double check for mats.

When trimming your dog’s body, use clippers to get a smooth, consistent length (a ¾-inch blade is ideal for a typical Australian Labradoodle coat). Unless they get dirty, you won’t really need to bathe them, as they have natural essential oils to keep their coats clean.

Grooming the Legs, Paws & Tail

Australian Labradoodles have a characteristic floppy, full leg with a column look. To create this, the fur on your pup’s legs should be a little longer than the rest of their body, so that you can’t see their feet. Trim and round the hair around their paws every few weeks to keep it from hitting the ground. You will also need to trim the hair in between their foot pads, to prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck in it, as well as their nails every 4-6 weeks.

For the tail, just keep it brushed, combed, and trimmed for a full, natural look. The hair directly underneath your dog’s tail should be trimmed for hygienic purposes too.

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