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Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Spokane, WA

If you’re looking for a dog who has a loving, gentle nature, is friendly, intelligent, and easy to train with a joyful therapy dog temperament, and has a beautiful soft wavy fleece coat and strong structure, then a Blue Star Australian Labradoodle puppy will check all of your boxes. This incredible breed is ready and willing to fulfill any role you have for them. Whether that’s a therapy dog, exercise partner, playmate, or just a loving, loyal companion, the Australian Labradoodle is up for the job.

Blue Star Labradoodles is a leading breeder of exceptional Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle puppies in the U.S., located in eastern Washington State. We breed our puppies for gentle temperaments, outstanding health, and trainability—all of the qualities that make them ideal lifelong members of your family!

Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Spokane

Stimulation, attention, training, new experiences, and LOVE are all crucial ingredients to a puppy’s upbringing, personality, and wellbeing. That’s why we provide our Australian Labradoodle pups with all of these in their first nine weeks, starting the moment they’re born until the moment they go to their forever homes.

Our puppies are raised in the puppy nursery in our home and showered with love, neurostimulation, cuddling, and gentle care. They are socialized, introduced to new experiences (people, places, sights, sounds, smells, etc.), and trained within their first few weeks, to ensure they grow to be loving, confident, well-behaved companions. In fact, we work with them so extensively, by the time you take your Blue Star Australian Labradoodle puppy home, they are already crate trained, sleeping through the night, crate trained, and understand words like “hungry” and “outside”, and basic commands like Come, Sit, Down, and Roll Over!

Every Sire and Dam at Blue Star Labradoodles comes with an exceptional pedigree and top health and temperament status.

Our dogs go through in-depth health and genetic testing to ensure that they are strong and healthy. Additionally, we go a step further and have our puppies evaluated by world-renown canine expert Pat Hastings of Dogfolk Enterprises. Only Sires and Dams with outstanding health, temperament, and structure are paired. The result is puppies that are healthy, happy, gentle-tempered, incredibly smart, and easy to train.

Pat’s assessment helps us determine what kind of lifestyle will be the best fit for each puppy, and thus better pair them with the right families. Some of the puppies who receive top evaluation scores are selected for our breeding program, so that we may replicate their parents’ characteristics and continue to produce strong and healthy puppies with loving, gentle temperaments for generations to come.

At Blue Star Labradoodles, we have Solid Color and Parti (two colors) Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale for families, individuals, and even breeders throughout the U.S. and Canada. Get in touch with us today to reserve a puppy from one of our upcoming litters—and get ready to have your life filled with so much more love, laughter, and joy!