ALAA-061489 Luna was born during Eclipse time in 2017 so she was named Blue Star’s Dancin’ in the Moonlight, aka, LUNA ALAA-061489. She has a lovely, soft Dark Caramel wavy/curly fleece coat. She’s a Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle that is Medium size at about 30 lbs. She is a very happy go luckly girl, loves to… Read more »


Rosie was added to our group of ladies about 5 years ago. I picked Rosie because of her superior pedigree from Australia’s Tegan Park and Rutlands, her size (appx. 25 pounds as an adult), her sweet, loving personality and her color. She has an exceptionally soft curly fleece coat. She is a gorgeous apricot, extremely… Read more »


ALAA-020448 Oh my goodness. How can I share with you how awesome our Miss Lilly is? Lilly is truly stunning! She is a medium size Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle weighing in at 45 pounds. She has an extraordinary soft fleece Light Apricot coat and has the sweetest most loving personality. She is incredibly smart, joyful, loves… Read more »


Doodle Downs Abigail (Abby) is a beautiful cream Medium size Labradoodle with a wonderful temperament, loving personality, and exceptional intelligence. She has been an extraordinary Mother. Her, and Waldo’s, puppies are just the best of the best. Many families are now enjoying their sweet loving temperaments. Zoe, an incredibly gorgeous little girl from Abby’s last… Read more »


Zoe is a gorgeous Australian Labradoodle at about 30 pounds. She has a wonderful gentle disposition and has a very soft apricot/cream fleece coat. She is the daughter of our sweet Abigail (Abby) and our incredible stud, Waldo the Fantastic. Zoe is now retired. Zoe was bred to Blue Star’s Cloudcatcher Murphy, a very handsome… Read more »

Blue Star’s Zadie (Retired)

ALAA #-028399 / ALCA #2012000187 Blue Star’s Zadie is a gorgeous Parti girl with an exceptional Apricot and White coat that is incredibly soft. It’s hard to stop petting this sweet girl. She just had her 3rd litter, is now retiring and ownership is transferring to her Guardian Home Provider. Zadie is a delightful dog… Read more »

Blue Star’s Parti-On Kalani (Retired)

AKA Kylie – ALAA-036439 Parti-On Kalani is the Granddaughter of aAprina’s Parti-On Khaleena who is the sweetest, most gentle, soul and we are so blessed to have that trait passed down to her granddaughter, Parti-On Kalani, aka, Kylie. When born Kylie had a Chocolate Curly soft Fleece Coat that has now turned to that very… Read more »

Blue Stars Black Beauty Ellie (Retired)

ALCA #2013000448 ALAA: 32176 BLACK BEAUTY ELLIE has a gorgeous Black, incredibly soft, wavy fleece coat, a lightning white blaze on her chest and a little white tuft on her chin. She’s truly a Black Beauty and she’s just a love muffin! Ellie has an incredibly loving sweet personality and is very smart! She’s 28… Read more »

Blue Star’s Little Angel (Retired)

AKA Coco – ALAA-053331 Oh my goodness, my little Coco is a dream come true! She is a total sweethart, loves everyone, incredibly smart, strong, agile, loves life and is just a joyful little girl. Coco is a very laid back, calm, mellow little girl who loves to cuddle and so enjoys her Guardian Family… Read more »

Blue Star’s Layla (Retired)

ALAA-039691 Layla is a lovely little Miniature girl at 24 pounds with an equally lovely temperament and personality. She has a very soft wavy fleece Apricot & White Parti coat. Layla is a very loving and is a gentle soul. She lives with her Guardian Family and three children who adore her. View Pedigree

Blue Star’s Callie (Retired)

ALAA-032177 Blue Star’s Callie is a large Miniature Parti girl @ approximately 26 pounds. She has a lovely White wavy fleece Coat with Chocolate Head and Ears. Her White coat is incredibly soft and has Chocolate spots throughout. She’s a great traveler and has traveled and hiked throughout the West Coast with her Guardian Family…. Read more »

Blue Star’s Priceless Jewel (Retired)

AKA Jewel – ALAA-044281 Jewel is a gorgeous little girl and is considered a large Miniature at 25 pounds. Her coat is an incredibly soft Iced Caramel color. She is a gentle soul and loves everyone she meets and they likewise love her. Jules has received top Health scores all the way around and also… Read more »

Blue Star’s Lady Juliet (Retired)

AKA Jalee – ALAA-046386 Lady Juliet, aka, Jalee, is just what we’ve been waiting for….a gorgeous little girl that is a true Miniature at 16 pounds. Her coat is luscious and soft as bunny fur. She has such a joyful personality and is a loving, cuddly, gentle soul. Jalee has a Princess prance with her… Read more »


ALAA-047899 Angelica (Angel) aka, Ava, is the daughter of Hill’s West Lilly of Blue Star and Hales Simply Charming Charlie. She is a stunning girl with an incredibly soft wavy fleece Apricot coat and Small Medium at about 35 pounds. Ava scored Top of the Top “Breeding Quality” on Temperament and Structure when evaluated by… Read more »


Retired July 30, 2010. Khaleena is a Large Medium/Small Standard Black and White Parti Labradoodle. She has a magnificent coat and a temperment to match. She is so gentle and mellow, and always happy and eager to be hugged and petted. Khaleena is a regal lady and her profile when she stands or sits is… Read more »