Labradoodles as Companions

Having a Labradoodle in your life is a therapeutic experience. There is no dog more loving or friendly. They not only make great family pets but also make terrific companions for seniors, singles and anyone else seeking the unconditional love of a wonderful new friend. Their coats are so soft that is truly is like therapy just petting them. Their eye contact with you shows their intelligence and their willingness to do your bidding.

Blue Star Multi-Generation Labradoodles are worked with and loved from the moment they are born and are socialized from the very start so they are used to being around people, noise, and they love receiving attention. Best of all, Multi-Generation Labradoodles are gentle playmates making them a great match for families with children. The children and puppy will grow together. In such cases, it is not unusual for the Australian Labradoodle to be seen as a treasured and cherished member of the family.