Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Thank you for taking the time to look at our Australian Labradoodle Puppies. The Australian Labradoodle is bred for exceptional health, gentle temperament, intelligence, low to non-shedding, very soft allergy friendly coats and their loving, loyal and joyful nature.



All puppies are crate trained and sleeping through the night before joining their families.

Pat Hastings, of, evaluates each puppy for Temperament and Structure.

Your Reservation Deposit is Fully Refundable any time for any reason.

Blue Star provides a lot of information to help prepare you for when you puppy comes home.

Puppies will already know basic commands…Come, Sit, Down and Roll Over.

Puppies also understand the words Outside, Go Potty, Hungry, Drink of Water, No Bite, Let’s Go, Play.

Each puppy is lovingly and gently handled and worked with from birth, socialized with other dogs, people and children until they join you as a new member of your family.

In addition to having gentle, loving temperaments, incredibly soft wavy, or curly, fleece coats, they are low to no shedding and allergy friendly. Our goal is to provide exceptional puppies with gentle “therapy dog” temperaments to give unlimited love and joy to their new family for their lifetime.

Both male and female Australian Labradoodles have gentle, loving temperaments, are easy to train and have joyful personalities.