Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Australian Labradoodle breeder Carol with her puppies

Hello, thank you for taking time to look at the Blue Star website. My name is Carol A. Stover, owner of Blue Star Labradoodles located in Spokane, Washington. For many years I have had the pleasure to provide families with precious puppies. These puppies are strong, healthy, allergy friendly, intelligent, joyful, easy to train, with gentle “therapy dog” temperaments. They love, love, love their people and are sweet, loyal companions.

All Blue Star, Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles are selected for my breeding program after extensive Health Testing to insure they are sound and healthy. This includes evaluation of their Hips/Elbows by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), eye testing by an Opthomologist Vet and OFA Eye Certification, Genetic testing to ensure no Canine Diseases, blood testing to ensure liver kidney and thyroid function are good along with Temperament and Structure Evaluation. They must have top scores all the way around to be considered for my program. Exceptional Sires and Dams, when thoughtfully paired, bless us with incredible, strong, healthy puppies to be beloved members of your family.

From the moment puppies are born they are handled with loving care and gentle neuro-stimulation activities. As the puppies grow they experience different people, places, things, sights, sounds, smells structures and other dogs to give them confidence and prepare them for adventures with their new family. Puppies enjoy interactive toys, play tunnels, slides, learn stairs and learn basic commands like sit, come, etc. by the time they are 7 weeks old.

Their first outside experience begins at 3 days old with a car ride to the Veterinarian to have a full check up and their dew claws removed. Two additional car rides in their lst two weeks are important. It seems to do something to their little brains that helps prepare them for car rides in the future. They get to go on more car outings clear up until they join their new families.

At 8 weeks of age the puppies make another trip to the Vet for a complete check up, first set of puppy immunizations and get their Microchips. Also at approximately 8 weeks of age, each puppy is evaluated for Structure and Temperament based on the work of the late Pat Hastings of Dog Folk (, a world renowned canine expert. Pat had over 50 years of experience in the dog world, had been a breeder, professional handler, educator/speaker, author and AKC judge in addition to evaluating thousands of litters. Her professional evaluation of each puppy has been invaluable and has helped me not only select puppies to carry on the exceptional characteristics of their parents but also match puppies to families based on their preferences.

In addition to all the experiences the puppies have in their lst 9 weeks, they are also crate trained and sleeping through the night. This helps prepare the puppies for a smooth transition and is a real blessing for their forever families, The know basic commands like “Sit” and understand many words like Hungry, Outside, Come, Go Potty, Drink of Water, etc.

It truly is my honor to provide these precious puppies to individuals and families that will love and cherish them for their lifetime.