Types of Labradoodles

There are three designations of Labradoodles as specified below. There are Australian Labradoodles and American Labradoodles (see History of Labradoodles).

At Blue Star Labradoodles, we only sell Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle puppies because the Multi-Generation Labradoodles are allergy-friendly, non-shedding and have the most reliable temperament, coats and health. It is important when you are researching your Labradoodle puppy that you understand the difference between Multi-Generation puppies and puppies that are the result of a first or second cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle (F1 or F1B).

F1: When a Labrador is bred to a Poodle the offspring are 50% Poodle and 50% Labrador. Most F1’s will have some shedding, wispy hair coat, and maybe dander friendly. There is just not enough Poodle in the dog typically to make them non-shedding and dander free. If you have owned, or been around, a Lab, you know that they shed. However, you should see a noticeable reduction in the shedding with an F1 and they usually have a great temperament if the parents are of the same quality.

F1b or F1 Backcross: When the F1 Labradoodle is bred back to a Poodle the offspring are 75% Poodle and 25% Labradoodle. They are consistently non-shedding, have a fleece hair coat, are very close to dander free and have that great Labradoodle temperament if the parents are of the same quality.

Multi-Generation: When an F1b is bread to another F1B the offspring are 3rd Generation. They, and future Labradoodles bred to Labradoodles, are considered Multi-Generation Labradoodles or Multi-Gens. These puppies are the most likely to be non-shedding and allergy friendly. However, it has been suggested that you must get to the 5th generation before you can be confident of the non-shedding and non-allergenic benefits.


  • Cream & Variations of Cream
  • Black/Silver
  • Apricot
  • Chocolate/Brown/Cafe
  • Red/Gold
  • Chalk/White

Ideal Coat Types

  • Wavy Fleece Coat
  • Curly Fleece Coat
  • Curly Wool Coat

Reasons to Have a Labradoodle

One of the most appealing qualities of the Multi-Generation Labradoodle is that they are Non-Shedding and are Allergy-Friendly. This means that even those who are allergic to most other dogs will be able to live comfortably with a Multi-Generation Labradoodle. This is a great relief for many dog lovers, or a family member, who have been too allergic to have a dog of their own. They can now have a friendly, loving, gentle, smart dog that is a wonderful companion and will not make them sneeze or make their eyes itch and water. Also, the Multi-Generation Labradoodles have no, or very low, doggie odor. The Multi-Generation Labradoodle is an extraordinary breed of dog! Not only is the Multi-Generation Labradoodle Non-Shedding and Allergy Friendly but they have a wonderful temperament, are good natured, joyful, have amazing loving personalities and are fantastic companions!

List of Reasons to Have a Labradoodle

  • Non-shedding coat
  • Allergy friendly
  • Extremely intelligent
  • Loving
  • Easy to train
  • Quick to learn
  • Eager to please
  • Loyal
  • Friendly & social
  • Athletic & energetic
  • Strong but gentle
  • Intuitive
  • Totally bot aggressive
  • Outgoing & happy
  • Lots of fun
  • Joyful
  • Water repellent coat
  • Love to be loved
  • Comical & cute
  • Intuitive