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Embark on the journey of a lifetime, experiencing love and companionship in the purest form with a loyal Australian Labradoodle puppy from Blue Star Labradoodles. Our puppies, both solid color and parti-colored, will quickly become cherished members of your family. 

Your puppy will already be crate trained, sleeping through the night and know basic commands like Come, Sit and Down.  Completing a Puppy Reservation Form, and submitting your initial $500 Reservation Deposit, will start the process and lock in your space on the Reservation List for your puppy.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Spokane, WA – Parti Colored

At Blue Star Labradoodles, we offer both solid color and parti-colored (two colors) Australian
Labradoodle puppies. Bred with care and raised in a loving environment, our
puppies are set apart by their exceptional lineage of Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles with top health scores and a focus on “Therapy Dog” Temperaments.  A puppy from Blue Star Labradoodles promises lifelong love, joy and companionship.

How to Make a Payment

Reserving your Australian Labradoodle puppy and bringing them home involves a simple payment process using PayPal, Venmo or Personal Check to complete your initial $500 Puppy Deposit.  The Balance Due is paid via personal check, direct deposit or money order.

  • Puppy Reservation ($500): Your journey with us starts with a $500  Reservation Deposit that is Fully Refundable if you change your mind, any time, for any reason. This deposit ensures your puppy is held for you until your balance is paid and they are ready to become a member of your family.

  •  Puppy Payment ($3,800): This is the amount due for your puppy. It includes the initial deposit. 

  • The Net Balance Due, After Deposit, Plus WA State Sales Tax is $3,638.20:  After paying the $500 Reservation Deposit, the net balance is $3,638, which includes Washington State Sales Tax. 

Our commitment is not only delivering strong, healthy puppies but also preparing your puppy for a smooth transition to your home.  Every puppy gets to sleep with a piece of his/her new family’s “smelly clothing” for several nights so they will be familiar with your scent.  Get ready to take home a bundle of joy that will fill your life with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.

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