Guardian Puppy Availability

Here at Blue Star we have been blessed with so many exceptional puppies from our Sire & Dam Parings! After an Evaluation of each puppy for Temperament and Structure by Pat Hastings of, I get the chance to keep one or two of the Best of the Best scoring girls or boys from a litter.

That opens up the opportunity for a family to become a Blue Star Guardian Home for one of these precious puppies. Our Breeding Program is designed so that our Guardian Puppies get to live a pampered life with their forever Guardian Home Family that will love and cherish them for their lifetime. See Guardian Possibilities Available Below. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family for one of these incredible puppies, please send in a Reservation Form, you can find under “Contact Us”, and/or email or call me. Click HERE to learn more about the Guardian Program.


This litter was so exceptional that I have decided to keep Blue Star’s Shining Light, aka, Abby (Light Green Girl) in my breeding program! She is joyful, gentle, cuddly, loving and smart. She sits without being told to at dinner time and calmly waits for her food to be served! This sweet girl is available to join her new family now! Abby is expected to be a small/medium size, weighing about 25-30 lbs. She is sleeping 8 hours through the night and have already learned to sit, laydown, and roll over! She was born August 10th and is 12 weeks old this first week of November.


Born August 29th, Ruby is going to be 14 weeks old December 5th. I have chosen to keep two exceptional puppies from this litter and Ruby is expected to be a Miniature weighing 20-25lbs. She is already crate trained and sleeping through the night. She has been getting lots of new experiences and have been doing so well with her training.


Lady Champaign, aka, Shyla was born on September 17th, 2021 and is going to be 11 weeks old on December 4th. She has the most gentle temperament and loves to cuddle but still loves to play just like her Mama Lilly. Her coat is the softest wavy fleece and she has the cutest black nose. We know whoever becomes her new family will be very lucky to have this sweet soul join them.


Due to heath issues we have had one of our Guardian puppies returned to us. Zoey was born January 9th, 2021 and is almost a year old. She is a joyful loving girl and is content to just snuggle up on the couch. She has been getting a lot of new experiences since she returned to us and has been loving playing with all the other dogs.


Hope is from Lake City Labradoodles Holly & Stryker litter. Holly came from our KoKo & Charlie Litter back is 2019. Holly’s litter was evaluated by Pat Hastings and had exceptional scores allowing us to keep Hope. She is a big girl like her Mama and is Chocolate and White like her Dad. Hope has been becoming best buds with all the other dogs and puppies here at Blue Star and has been learning so much over the past couple weeks she has been here. She was born August 24th, 2021.


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