Hill's West Melt Your Heart Stryker, ALAA-046522

Melt Your Heart Stryker is a stunning Chocolate & White Parti fella with an incredibly soft wavy fleece coat. He is so smart and loves to make his family happy. He is such a loving boy. Stryker is a small Medium at approximately 35 pounds.

Stryker scored Top of the Top “Breeding Quality” on Temperament and Structure when evaluated by Pat Hastings of Dog Folk. He has gotten top scores on his genetic health testing ensuring that he does not carry any of the genes for 11 different diseases. He also has top scores from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals on his Hips and Elbows to ensure that he has great hips and his eyes have been CERF Certified by an Opthomologist Vet ensuring that he has no glaucoma or cataracts or any other eye issues.

We are very excited about this awesome boy. He has already blessed us with several litters of Parti pooches that got top scores in Temperament and Structure.

Blue Star's Priceless Jewel, aka, Jules, ALAA- 044281

Priceless Jewel, aka, Jules, is a gorgeous little girl and is considered a Small Medium at 30 pounds. Her coat is a soft Iced Caramel color. She is a gentle soul and loves everyone she meets and they likewise love her. She has a loving “Therapy Dog” temperament and snuggles up with every new person she meets.

Jules has received top Health scores all the way around including the top score of EXCELLENT on her Hips & Elbows from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and also received top “Breeding Quality” score from Pat Hastings of Dog Folk on Temperament and Structure. She’s incredible! Jules not only throws for Chocolate and Black puppies but also Apricot, Cream and Red puppies, Parti (2 Color) puppies and Phantom/Tri (3 colors).

Jules has been my constant companion since she was born and is so smart and intuitive that she can read my mind. She truly is a gentle soul. I expect her puppies will also have her gentle nature and will be such a blessing for families at Christmas time.