How To Help Your New Puppy Acclimate to Your Home

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There’s a lot of buildup to the day you finally bring home a new puppy. You might’ve spent weeks, or even months, researching, puppy proofing, and waiting for your new furbaby. All you’ll probably want to do on the day of their arrival is play and cuddle them until you both fall asleep!

As much as you want to smother your new pup with love and attention as soon as they walk through the door, you have to remember that they need time to adjust to their new environment. The good news is, there are a few things you can do to help make them feel at home in no time!

Introduce your puppy to one area at a time.

Giving your puppy free reign of their new house can be overstimulating and stressful. It’s better to let them explore and get comfortable with one area before moving on to the next. You should have a “safe space” set aside for your puppy, so that is a good spot to start their introduction. This might be where their bed, crate, and/or toys are located. Other good places to start are their potty spot, food and water area, and one room of the house at a time.

Establish a routine right away.

Consistency will help your puppy feel secure in their new space and get used to how your household functions. Aim to feed, walk, play, cuddle, go potty, head to bed, and wake up in the morning around the same time every day. You should also try to do as many of your normal activities, like going to work or picking up kids from school, as possible to get them acclimated to your routine, since it will be their new one too.

Be patient while your puppy adjusts to their new home.

Meeting strange new people in an unfamiliar environment can be scary for your pup at first. It’s important to let them take things at their own pace and follow their lead. Be sure to give them lots of affection, attention, and space if they need it. When you need to correct their behavior, such as if they have an accident or try to steal dinner scraps, do it gently, keeping in mind that it will take them time to learn new rules.

At Blue Star Australian Labradoodles, we work with our puppies right from birth to help them adjust to new people and surroundings comfortably. In fact, our pups are crate trained, sleeping through the night, and socialized with other dogs and people before they even go home to their new families.

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